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July 2024: there are no known bugs. If you notice any issue - send us an email to and include some screenshots (but first check that you are using a version that is not more than 3 months old)

Invite everyone who reacted on your posts,
like all comments, shares, and more
(for Facebook Fan & Business pages and groups)

Do you want to invite people who liked your posts to follow your page? You can do this manual routine and spend a lot of time. We have an exclusive solution! Our scripts (browser extensions for desktop Chrome based browsers) can automate your clicks, saving a lot of your time.
All updates are automatically installed and free!

We have 3 different projects for Facebook.

Full Pack includes them all (best versions) + new scripts & features + free updates. You get the license code automatically. If you don't use PayPal you can pay as a guest on paypal site with your credit card OR contact us via email to pay with Skrill, PayPal-to-PayPal or Card-to-Card payment (we answer in less than 12h). We do not sell forever versions anymore. Business license includes more installations. Do you want to pay with Cryptocurrencies? Just change the currency at the top of the page or contact us.

We have a simple website, but powerful programs! ;)

#1+2+3 (FULL PACK bundle): access to all our projects (our best seller)

Individual or business? Subscription for month, year or one-time payment for 2 years?

$ 29.94   $ 18.99


* Individual - 1 user, you can install on max 5 PC or browsers on the same month
. Doing business? You need business or corporate license.

Difficult to choose which one you need? It's not easy because each of our scripts is very useful! This bundle is the best option.

  • #1: invite people who reacted on your posts; plus you can like and comment on shared posts - we have 2 different versions here: PRO (Single Page), Multi-Pages (more settings and better to scan shared posts);
  • #2: like all comments and invite who liked your comment (this is NOT a post inviter);
  • #3: Script for Facebook GROUPS with some useful tools: send reminders, approve/decline posts/members, like/delete posts, unblock/remove members, etc.

Access to ALL our scripts (best versions, of course) and get for free all our new scripts for Facebook. Our extensions just automate manual routine, so they are legal. We do not perform any action except for the simple automation of clicks to save users' time. We don't use API, script doesn't read, collect or use any information. We just simulate mouse clicks, and that's why it is so cool!
Full Pack costs less than our 2 most popular scripts combined. On the right you can see the price of full pack and the cost if you pay for all 3 separately.
All our scripts are UPDATED for new Facebook design [2022 & 2023].

#1 Script to invite post likers to like a page (automatically scans all of them) + like and invite shared posts!

Our first product, released in April 2017. This is our most popular script. Why do I need it? If you manage pages on Facebook you can Invite everyone who liked your posts or ADS to put a like also on your page (check if you have those buttons first). The main difference between PRO and Multi-Pages: the second one can scan more pages and has more options to elaborate shared posts!
2022 update: new Facebook design is supported in Business Suite, Creator Studio, Content Management, Notifications, Home tab and Publishing Tools.
2023 update about commenting on shared posts: due to FB recent change on most pages we can't post comments anymore. They don't like commenting due to a lot of spam. Use invite feature which is best :)


invite post likers script
Individual or business? Subscription for month, year or one-time payment for 2 years?

$ 7.99 / month


Multi-Pages & Real-Time

TOP: invite post likers + elaborate SHARED posts
Individual or business? Subscription for month, year or one-time payment for 2 years?

$ 9.99 / month

* Individual - 1 user, you can install on max 5 PC or browsers on the same month. Doing business? You need business or corporate license.

Or buy FULL PACK (all scripts) for $ 18.99 (1 month)

#2 Script for comments: like all comments

2022 UPDATE: Facebook doesn't like automation of comments or send messages (it creates a lot of SPAM). We were able to keep this script always working until Oct 2022 for comments. But now we do not guarantee that comments can be done automatically. Script works fine for liking for sure.

Released in March 2018. This script doesn't have features from script #1! It's a completely different script! Why do I need it?
Do you want to attract more people to your fan/business page? You have to interact more with them. Using this script you can like all comments on your page automatically. If you post a comment and users like your comment - this script can invite them!

PRICE of the script: since we can't guarantee commenting and sending private messages. And only "like comments" feature is always available we do not sell this script separately. It is included in the FULL PACK package only.

FULL PACK (all scripts) for $ 18.99 (1 month)

#3 Script for Groups: with some popular automation for Facebook groups

Purchase the script for Groups:
Individual or business? Subscription for month, year or one-time payment for 2 years?

$ 7.97 / month


Or buy FULL PACK (all scripts) read above.

Check video on YouTube:

We released this script in October 2019.

Why do I need it?
If you manage a group, you will find it useful! This script can:

  • Send reminders to invited users
  • Remove members from the group
  • Approve or Decline pending posts, keyword alerts, member-reported content in the group (it automatically refreshes and changes pages)
  • Approve or Decline members with filters
  • Like all group posts
  • Delete all posts from the group
  • Click 'Add Friend' buttons in the group
  • Unblock members

Check the video! There are different filters and settings, and some of them are not shown in the video (the video is from the version 1, and we do not update it after we add other useful things).

We sell paid scripts since April 2017 and had 4.9+ / 5 rating on all our scripts! On Feb 2021 we started to offer free trials and you may find some bad reviews after this change from users who don't pay and want it for free. Read our reviews, check videos or contact us via email for more info (we always reply in less than 1 day!). We work all days (even on Holidays) to maintain our products and fix them fast if Facebook changes something! Our products for Facebook are the best on the market since 2017!

Our guarantees: we develop scripts for more than 6 years (since April 2017) and you will not find any bad review! We are happy that all customers are satisfied! Just give it a try and for any problem just send us an email, we answer fast! ;)
New (October 2019): script for GROUPS was released! Also, many other improvements were made on other scripts.
New (September 2020): we updated our scripts to support the NEW Facebook design & Business Suite for Inviter. All updates are free and automatic, as always.
New (Feb 2021): you can now try any of our scripts for 3 days and purchase it later!

Supported browsers: you can install our scripts on Google Chrome, Chrome beta, Canary, Edge, Opera, Brave and many other chromium-based browsers. Also we have zip files that you can download and install locally.
Subscription payments: if you purchase a month or year subscription - PayPal will charge you automatically the SAME amount, the price will not change for you, always the same as the first payment.
How to cancel subscription? Go to PayPal settings => 'Payments' => 'Manage your Automatic Payments' and select the subscription you want to cancel before renew. If you don't like subscriptions - purchase the script for 2 years with a one-time payment.
Refund policy: we offer free trial for a 3 days of all our scripts. For this reason, if you want a refund for any reason - we can do it during first 14 days only, but buyer pays PayPal refund fee (they charge about 6% for it). Refund is not available for 1 month subscription.
Do you have any problem with scripts? We work every day to improve our scripts. We offer easy support via email (no tickets!), just write to us and you will get an answer in less than a day! Email:
What happens if Facebook changes something? It happened more times in past 6+ years. We will update our scripts in few days unless the feature is removed completely, but until now we were able to fix and adapt it to the new design.
It's easy to run our scripts, you can see a video example. Also, we have created a page with FAQ and some setting's explanation, read it: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).


Send us an email, we will be happy to assist you :) We always reply in less than a day, so check your spam if you still waiting for an answer.

Already purchased? Just re-download the correct script (if you lost license - restore it using your email inside the script)

Script #1: Inviter Multi-Pages/PRO - For ALL Chrome based browsers. Also available for: Edge. Or install using zip file.
Script #2: Comments - MAX - Edge. Or install using zip file in Chrome.
Script #3: for Groups - For ALL Chrome based browsers. Also available for: Edge. Or install using zip file.

Here you can read change log for our Inviters.