Invite Scripts (Pro & Multi)
Change Log


We released our inviters in April 2017. But we started to write change log only in May 2023. Our customers asked us about this page :) You don't see old changes, sorry!:)
If you see a future date - it means we are preparing those fixes in the next version.

Change log

Format: YEAR-month-day

1. We republished our Invite extensions in Chrome Store, to avoid any future problems with "posting duplicate extensions" we will have just a single Inviter now, based on your license it will transform in PRO or Multi-Pages version.

1. Added a scroll to the Business Suite -> Feed & Grid tab (you can see Reels also there).

1. Added a scroll to the Inbox tab, now we can scroll the list and elaborate only unique posts of the list.
2. Fixed notifications tab scanning (be sure to use this notifications tab:

1. MultiPages: fixed a problem with multipages scan
2. Save RAM option added. When enabled, script removes the user from the list once elaborated to save RAM. Facebook loads a lot of scripts for each user anyway, so RAM is used a lot, but we estimate that it will help to scan big posts 60% deeper than usual (based on feedbacks we received).

2023 June - August
1. Forgot to write change log, small issues were fixed.
2. PRO and MultiPages versions were merged into 1 extension, Chrome doesn't allow to have more similar scripts in the store, so we had to merge them.

1. Added support to Insights tab! I got many requestes to add it. It can be added into Multi-pages list as well.
2. If you notice that your mobile version shows more likes (sometimes it happens on reels for example), you can open, go to that post, open list of likers and run the script. We don't adapt the design but it should scan post likers on
3. Photos tab was fixed and now it is support again.