On December 19 Facebook changed layout, it added an additional "menu button" with the same class name, so script clicks on it and counts as invite (but actually nothing happens). We already released a fix and your versions must be autoupdated, unless you logout from chrome or changed your email...

Only script #1 is affected. Try the next to fix :)


If your free version still doesn't work, just delete it, and download again: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/invite-post-likers-friend/iiogmgikkhnmdlplobflheeddgjnkmni


1. Open https://chrome.google.com/webstore/category/extensions
2. Logout
3. Login again to refresh your session
4. Right click on the icon of the script and select 'manage extensions'
5. Now click on 'developer mode' => 'update' and wait a minute.
The version should be 2019.12.xx or newer :)

Still old version? You can re-download it, but you lose your settings.
1. Right click on the icon of the script and select 'manage extensions'
2. Click on view in chrome web store (in the bottom)
3. Now right click on the icon and remove the extension. And just after that download it again. If you don't have download button, that means you use different account or payment expired, contact me with payment ID to find details :)

Still have problems?

Contact me by email fblikeinvitereply@gmail.com and describe your problems, it's better if you include how did you pay (with your payment ID if you paid in chrome store) so I can find it :)

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